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  • Combinatorial Optimization
    Organizer: Dr. Viet Hung Nguyen (University Pierre and Marie Curie, France).

  • DC programming and DCA: thirty years of developments
    Organizer: Prof. Hoai An Le Thi (University of Lorraine, France).

  • Dynamic Optimization
    Organizer: Prof. Patrick Siarry (University of Paris-Est Créteil, France).

  • Global optimization and Semi-Infinite optimization
    Organizer: Prof. Mohand Ouanes (University of Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria).

  • Maintenance and Production Control Problems
    Organizers: Prof. Nidhal Rezg, Dr. Hajej Zied (University of Lorraine, France), Prof. Ali Gharbi (ETS Montreal – Canada).

  • Modeling and Optimization in Computational Biology
    Organizer: Prof Tobias Marschall (Saarland University, Germany).

  • Modeling and optimization in financial engineering
    Organizer: Prof. Duan Li (The Chinese University of Hong Kong).

  • Numerical Optimization
    Organizer: Prof. Adnan Yassine (University of Le Havre, France).

  • Optimization applied to surveillance and threat detection
    Organizer: Dr. Frédéric Dambreville (ENSTA Bretagne & DGA, France).

  • Optimal Solution for Indefinite Quadratic Programming Problems
    Organizer: Dr. Ahmed Chikhaoui (University of Tiaret, Algeria).

  • Polynomial optimization, semidefinite programming and applications
    Organizer: Prof. Yi-Shuai Niu (Paristech-SJTU and the departement of mathematics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China).

  • Some topics in post Crises banking and eco-finance modelling
    Organizer: Duc Pham-Hi (ECE Paris, France).

  • Spline Approximation & Optimization
    Organizer: Dr. Ahmed Zidna (University of Lorraine, France).

  • Technologies and methods for multi-stakeholder decision analysis in public settings
    Organizers: Dr. Aron Larsson, Prof. Love Ekenberg, Prof. Mats Danielson, Tobias Fasth and Anton Talantsev (Stockholm University, Sweden).

  • Variational Principles and Applications
    Organizers: Dr Bao Q. Truong (Northern Michigan University, US). Prof. Christiane Tammer (Faculty of Natural Sciences II, Institute of Mathematics, Germany), Prof. Antoine Soubeyran (Aix-Marseille University, France)

  • Visual Data Mining
    Organizers: Dr. Lydia Boudjeloud-Assala (University of Lorraine, France), Dr. Thomas Tamisier (LIST, Luxembourg), Dr. Benoit Otjacques (LIST, Luxembourg).

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