Le Thi Hoai An, Le Hoai Minh, Pham Dinh Tao: "Hierarchical Clustering based on Mathematical Optimization".

Abstract: In this paper a novel optimization model for bilevel hierarchical clustering has been proposed. This is a hard nonconvex, nonsmooth optimization problem for which we investigate an efficient technique based on DC (Difference of Convex functions) programming and DCA (DC optimization Algorithm). Preliminary numerical results on some artificial and real-world databases show the efficiency and the superiority of this approach with respect to related existing methods.

Keywords: nonconvexe optimization, nonsmooth optimization, DC programming, DCA, Bilevel hierarchical clustering, K-means.

Citation: Le Thi Hoai An, Le Hoai Minh et Pham Dinh Tao, Hierarchical Clustering based on Mathematical Optimization, in “Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining”,  LNAI 3918, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, selected paper of PAKDD conference 2006, pp. 160 -173.