31st International Workshop on Graph-Theoretic
Concepts in Computer Science

The WG 2005 workshop continues the series of 30 previous WG workshops. Since 1975, WG took place twenty times in Germany, four times in The Netherlands, two times in Austria as well as once in Italy, in Slovakia, in Switzerland and in Czech Republic.

WG 2005 will be held in Metz which is a city located in the North-East of France. Metz can be easily reached by train from neighboring european countries: Germany, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Belgium. The distance between Metz and Paris is about 330 km and it takes about 3 hours by train. Other close european cities are Luxemburg (about 60 km) and Saarbrücken (about 80 km) in Germany. There are international airports in Paris and Frankfurt; there is an airport at Luxemburg and there is also a local airport.

The conference center is located on the campus "Île du Saulcy" of the University of Metz. The campus is easily reachable by public transportation and within walking distance to the centre of Metz.

LITA University of Metz