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  • Michele Della Ventura, Speech Assessment Based on Entropy and Similarity Measures
  • Satyam Paul and Magnus Lofstrand, Discrete Time Sliding Mode Control of Milling Chatter
  • Vinh Truong Hoang and Mai Bui Thuy Huynh, Fusing of Deep Learning, Transfer Learning and GAN for Breast Cancer Histopathological Image Classification
  • Jiancheng Lyu, Jack Xin and Yifeng Yu, Computing Residual Diffusivity by Adaptive Basis Learning via Super-Resolution Deep Neural Networks
  • Jiancheng Lyu and Spencer Sheen, A Channel-Pruned and Weight-Binarized Convolutional Neural Network for Keyword Spotting
  • Thanh-Nghi Do, The-Phi Pham, Nguyen-Khang Pham, Huu-Hoa Nguyen, Karim Tabia and Salem Benferhat, Stacking of SVMs for classifying intangible cultural heritage images
  • Orchida Dianita, Thomas Djorgie and Muhammad Kusumawan Herliansyah, Improvement of Production Layout in the Furniture Industry in Indonesia with the Concept of Group Technology
  • Chien Pham Van and Giang Nguyen-Van, Assessment of the water area in the lowland region of the Mekong River using MODIS EVI time series
  • Phuong Nguyen-Thanh, Duc Van-Tien, Tan Le-Nhat, Thanh-Tan Mai and Khuong Nguyen-An, An Intensive Empirical Study of Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting Vietnamese Stock Prices
  • Oanh Tran, Attention-based biLSTMs for Understanding Students Learning Experiences on Social Media
  • Nga Ly-Tu, Qui Vo-Phu and Thuong Le-Tien, Using Support Vector Machine to Monitor Behaviour of an Object based WSN System
  • Thi Thu Hong Phan, Emilie Poisson Caillault and Andre Bigand, eDTWBI: effective imputation method for univariate time series
  • Thi Thanh Luu Le and Trong Hieu Tran, Belief merging for Possibilistic belief bases
  • Chu Anh My, Duong Xuan Bien, Nguyen Van Cong and Le Chi Hieu, New Feed Rate Optimization Formulation in a Parametric Domain for 5-Axis Milling Robots
  • Ha Duyen Trung and Nguyen Tai Hung, Opensource Based IoT Platform and LoRa Communications with Edge Device Calibration for Real-time Monitoring Systems
  • Duc Manh Nguyen, A Combination of CMAES-APOP algorithm and quasi-Newton method
  • Quang-Vinh Dang, Reinforcement Learning in Stock Trading
  • Duc Quynh Tran, A new efficient algorithm for maximizing the pro?t and the compactness in land use planning problem
  • Hue Chi Lam, Hanyu Gu and Yakov Zinder, A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Scheduling Trains Maintenance under Uncertainty
  • Phuoc-Hung Vo, Thai-Son Nguyen, Van-Thanh Huynh, Thanh-C Vo and Thanh-Nghi Do, Secure and Robust Watermarking Scheme in Frequency Domain Using Chaotic Logistic Map Encoding
  • Thi-Lich Nghiem and Thi-Toan Nghiem, Applying MASI algorithm to improve the classification performance of imbalanced data in fraud detection
  • Tatiana Zarodnyuk, Aleksander Gornov, Anton Anikin and Pavel Sorokovikov, Numerical technologies for investigating optimal control problems with free right-hand end of trajectories
  • Bach Tran and Hoai An Le Thi, Deep Clustering with Spherical Distance in Latent Space
  • Dinh Tuyen Hoang, Botambu Collins, Hyojeon Yoon, Ngoc-Thanh Nguyen and Dosam Hwang, A Survey on forecasting models for preventing terrorism
  • Van Thien Hoang, Dang Hung Kiet, Vu Van Giang and Le Hoang Thai, Palmprint Recognition Using Discriminant Local Line Directional Representation
  • Thi Thoi Tran, Delphine Sinoquet, Sebastien Da Veiga and Marcel Mongeau, An adapted derivative-free optimization method for an optimal design application with mixed binary and continuous variables
  • Thuong-Cang Phan, Anh-Cang Phan, Thi-To-Quyen Tran and Ngoan-Thanh Trieu, Efficient Processing of Recursive Joins on Large-Scale Datasets in Spark
  • Vinh Thanh Ho, Hoai An Le Thi and Tao Pham Dinh, DCA with successive DC decomposition for convex piecewise-linear fitting
  • Quang-Vu Nguyen and Hai-Bang Truong, An improvement of applying multi-objective optimization algorithm into higher order mutation testing
  • Hung Son Nguyen and Sinh Hoa Nguyen, Learning Rough Set based Classifiers using Boolean Kernels
  • Vuong Le Luong, Thuan Nguyen Quang and Quynh Tran Duc, A New Solution Method for a Mean-Risk Mixed Integer Nonlinear Program in Transportation Network Protection
  • Quang Thuan Nguyen and Duc Anh Nguyen, A Novel Approach for Travel Time Optimization in Single-track Railway Networks
  • Thi-Ngan Pham, Quang-Thuy Ha, Minh-Chau Nguyen and Tri-Thanh Nguyen, A probability-based close domain metric in lifelong learning for multi-label classification
  • Thanh Hai Nguyen, Sergiu Carpov and Vincent Herbert, Homomorphic Encryption-based Privacy - Aware Design for Collaborative Information Sharing in Cybersecurity Cloud Platform
  • Anh Son Ta, Hoai An Le Thi and Dinh Tao Pham, Solving Efficient Target-Oriented Scheduling in Directional Sensor Networks by DCA
  • Andre Dembele, Babacar Mbaye Ndiaye, Guy Degla and Adam Ouorou, A triple stabilized bundle method for constrained nonconvex nonsmooth optimization

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